Labor Comfort Measures Class:

One- 2.5 hour class.

Do you desire a natural childbirth? Is this your first baby and have you taken a childbirth class but need more? Have you already experienced birth and need a refresher class? Are you planning a VBAC? If you answered yes, this one time 2.5 hour class is perfect for you!

You will learn:

Relaxation, breathing & visualization techniques
Body Positioning and movements to reduce pain and promote progress
How to relieve the discomfort of contractions, including back labor
How to encourage optimal fetal positioning 
Ways a labor partner can help: massage, physical & emotional support, communication between mother and caregivers, and more.

*This class assumes participates have already obtained a basic knowledge regarding anatomy & physiology of labor, stages & phases of labor, medications, medical procedures, etc. This class is intended to supplement your childbirth class or past childbirth experience. For hospital births, it is recommended to combine this class with the hospital childbirth class. If you have not already taken a childbirth class, you are still encouraged to attend, but please understand this class will not cover all of your questions. Also, keep “your questions” in mind when searching for a series childbirth class that’s right for you. . 

                              Cost to attend scheduled class: $45

                                            Private class: $55

*Please register on the Contact page form. For more information call: (256)962-0975

Infant Massage Classes available at An Angels Touch Massage by appointment only. Please fill out contact form or text:         (256)962-0975

Natural Childbirth Classes

                             The Bradley Method®

The Bradley Method® of natural childbirth is an evidence  based system of natural labor techniques that equip you, your coach, and your baby to have a safe and rewarding birth experience.

Classes include twelve units of instruction and are small enough for individual attention. During these twelve classes you will learn relaxation, nutrition, exercise, physiology, breastfeeding, and parenting skills. You and your coach will be taught the natural progression of labor as well as techniques to manage stress during the birth process. The Bradley Method® emphasizes positive communications with your birth team and helps you become an informed consumer of obstetric services.

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Dancing for Birth Classes™

*Currently there are no regularly scheduled classes. However, private classes are available. Please fill out the contact form for more information.

Dancing for Birth™ Philosophy

Pregnancy, labor and birth are important transitions and rites of passage, not illnesses.
Pregnant/Postpartum women should be encouraged to trust their instincts and empowered to investigate their options and choices.
Active birth with few or no routine interventions  has wide-reaching benefits for most mothers and babies.
Respect for each women and their choices is of paramount importance.
Mother and baby are a dyad and should not be asked to separate.
Pregnant/Postpartum women should be informed of their maternal rights and are entitled to evidence based care.
Pregnancy, labor and birth involve a woman's mind, body and spirit and these need to be nurtured.
Listening is as important as teaching.
Dancing for Birth Energizes, Empowers and Enlightens™.


Available Classes:

The Bradley Method, Labor Comfort Measures, Dancing for Birth, Infant massage

256-962-0975  •

Birth Baby family

             Laura A. Reeder, AAHCC

I am inspired with identifiable ways mothers instinctively cope with birth.  With a BS in Community Health Education, I have been serving as a health educator and wellness coordinator for the past ten years.  I have learned that preparing for childbirth is a physical, mental, and emotional discipline that takes time and effort to develop. I have been blessed with four unmedicated childbirths and am an Affiliated Teacher with The Bradley Method® of Husband Coached Childbirth. Classes emphasize pregnancy topics, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, communication, labor rehearsals, postpartum care and breastfeeding.

Certified with: AAHCC
Doula?: Yes
Class types: 12 unit series and private classes available. 
Price: $350
Day of week offered:  Thursday nights 6-8p and private classes by appointment.
Location:  Birmingham, AL or Cullman, AL
Phone:  256.338.7772